Example Ministry ChaRT

"Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken,"

-Melissa Russell, Church in the City, Denver, CO

One of the biggest questions groups have is what their time will look like when they serve with us.  Over our many years of leading trips we have found that while we work hard to make the best of plans, often plans change...a lot.  This is hard for our Type A personalities (ask our 3 board members who are Type A+), but when we keep our hearts humbly focused on God, we are constantly amazed by how God redeems the unexpected for His glory. 

We understand, however that it is helpful to have any idea of what you will be doing while you serve with us.  So, please click here for a VERY ROUGH DRAFT of a POSSIBLE ministry schedule for your group.  The number of teams in to which your group is divided, varies based on the size of your team.