Pray Pray Pray!

"Prayer-though it is often draining, even an agony-is in the long term the greatest source of power that is possible."

-Tim Keller, Prayer

From the beginning of our time in Detroit, God has drawn us to pray consistently and passionately for our city.  Below are some areas that we would love for you to hold in prayer.

  • Pray for Godly Marriages & Families

    One of our first prayer focuses in Detroit, was that God would continue to raise up Godly men and women, marriages and families in our community.  We pray consistently for this and have been so blessed to see God working.  Please join us in praying not only that God would continue to raise up Godly men and women, marriages and families, but also that he would protect and grow those individuals and families who are living their lives for Christ in the city!

  • Pray that Our Students Would Seek God with Their Whole Hearts

    During the summer we see over 150 students in our Big A program. Some of our students we have known for over 15 years, some we are meeting for the first time when they walk through our doors..  We find ourselves praying that they would not only give their lives to Christ, but that they would make the hard daily choices to grow in their faith.  Please pray for our students that they would fall in love with Jesus, accept him as Savior, and seek him with their whole hearts!

  • Pray for our Partners

    We are blessed to partner with many amazing ministries. Please pray that God will continue to protect and direct them as they seek to serve God in Detroit.  We are so thankful for each of their partnerships.

  • Pray for the Byers Family

    This fall the Byers Family joined us as full time missionaries Jeremy will be developing his contracting company with a focus on training young men and women in the trade, while providing discipleship.  Please continue to pray for their transition as they adjust to life in Detroit!  We are so grateful for their partnership. 

  • Pray for Detroit Love

    While we have been serving in the city for almost 20 years, we are relatively young as a formal non-profit organization.  Please pray that we would clearly hear from God as we grow and mature. Pray that we would have wisdom to grow our organization in exactly the way God intends.   Pray that God would send the perfect staff and resources we need to establish our year-round community center in Detroit.