Partnering with the Community

"...unselfish investment should: never be mindless, never be irresponsible, always calculate the cost, always consider the outcome, and always be a partnership."~ Robert Lupton, Toxic Charity

A Little History

We firmly agree with Lupton's assertion that our efforts should bring strength to our community, rather than breed dependence.  As we work to deepen relationships and serve our neighbors we want to be mindful of investing well in our community.  One way that we do this is to partner with our local churches to identify work-type projects that will not only help build the community, but also continue to build relationships.  We desire to be a long-term blessing in our neighborhood and to be wise in this work.

How Groups Are Involved

Groups may have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of different work projects in the community, including, but not limited to: yard work, minor home repairs, and painting.  While most of the work just requires participants who are willing to work, if your group has any special construction skills, please let us know in advance so we can make the most of your skills and talents.

Working at Our Center

A Little History

In 2012, God  blessed  Detroit Love with a permanent home. The 36,000 square foot Dom Polski building is a former Polish community center.  We love our new home and the fact that we get to see in this building God's heart for restoration.  It is a visible reminder of God's desire to restore His children through Christ. We are excited to continue renovating the building so that we can one day host Big A and other year round ministries for local families!

How Groups are Involved

Many groups have already worked to  complete the demolition needed for the first phase of the building restoration.  Groups have built bunk beds, repaired electric, and constructed bathrooms.  Future groups may have the opportunity to continue the rebuilding phase or start phase two of demolition.  Right now have rooms stripped to the studs and ready to be rebuilt.  We are so grateful for the groups that have partnered with us and will partner with us in the future.

"Work, all work, is an invitation from God for us to take an active role as coparticipants in an ever-unfolding creation." (Toxic Charity, pg 154)